Wonderland Trail – Longmire to Devil’s Dream Camp 07-07-2016

Raining at Devil’s Dream…

First day of 50+ mile backpacking trip with BSA Troop 626 from Bellevue.  Learned in the AM that Devil’s Dream earned its name due in part to the mosquito population.  Rained all night.  Sounded like Jiffy Pop on the tent all night long. 

This is a trip report for a five-day, 59-mile trek on the Wonderland Trail starting at Longmire, taking the clockwise route to Sunrise with BoyScout Troop 626 of Bellevue for our annual 50-mile hike. Weather conditions were cool and cloudy, with rain each night. Day 1 – Longmire to Devil’s Dream Campground. Decent first day. WTA work parties were working on the trails. Devil’s Dream, named for the abundance of mosquitos, was in full force with bugs. Heavy rain all evening. Day 2 – Devils Dream to North Puyallup Campground. Great start through Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground. Some snow patches on the trails. Great climb through Emerald Ridge down to South Puyallup Campground. St Andrews Lake was mostly frozen. Klapatche Park was covered in avalanche lilies. North Puyallup River Campground was a great spot to camp for the night. Day 3 – North Puyallup to Mowich Lake – the trail from North Puyallup to Golden Lakes was covered by 25+ downed trees – many were difficult to climb over. Many downed trees also covered the trail from Golden Lakes down to South Mowich; one uprooted the entire switchback of the trail. The bride at South Mowich is gone, so be prepared to ford the river.


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