Poo Poo Point – Chirico Trail 08-19-2020

View upon reaching the paragliding launch point….

Hike up to Poo Poo Point via the Chirico trailhead. This a short but moderately steep hike up to both launching points for hangliders on Tiger Mountain – bet you did not know there were two. The trail ending up a well-established stone step trail, making for a scenic pathway as you ascend and make your way into the large bend in the trail Afterwards it’s mostly dirt and some roots. The initial part is full of beautiful trees and lush, verdant undergrowth. The final bit to the launch area is through large trees and a well-established path. A perfect, short hike for cardio and some of the best views of Issaquah, Bellevue, and Seattle. The paragliders are a colorful bonus and its fun to sit and watch them launch.


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