Squak Mountain Traverse, Bullitt Fireplace Trail, West Peak & Central Peak 08-12-2020

Fireplace of the Former Bullitt Family Cabin…

I took an early evening hike up Squak Mountain with the intent of summiting all three peaks – West, Central, and the South East peaks. Made it up to the West and Central peaks before deciding to head down due to the waning daylight. The West Peak has remnants of some structure – maybe a small cabin.

The Bullitt family fireplace chimney is there in all its glory, and the Central Peak in addition to the microwave communications tower has some old cabin near it as well with a large, old propane tank. Maybe a former residence of the tower keeper or other old homesteader. Trails are super well marked with signs at each juncture. I help a couple who was turned around and set them on the correct path to the state park trailhead off of the May Valley road. Lots of beautiful setting sun rays casting light through the trees and moss, setting off a beautiful golden brilliance to end the evening.


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