Snow Lake 09-05-2020

The Hadland’s

Decided on an afternoon hike to Snow Lake with my two sons Carter and Rhone who have not hiked together in 3+ years.  Hit the trailhead after 2PM, assuming most morning traffic would have already departed or would be descending the trail.  There were plenty of spots in the main lot at this time, and the road in was packed with cars – was a highway of people coming down, and not too bad going up. 

Once we reached the ridge, clouds engulfed the lake and basin – we were literally walking through clouds that were dropping rain – a rather interesting experience.  Once at the lake, we continued to the second day-use area and enjoyed the grey, cloudy weather.  No views of the mountain were revealed, but the lake was shrouded in grey, misty weather and was quite beautiful. 

As we reached the ridge on the way down, sunlight was piercing some of the cloud layers, setting Guye Peak and Snoqualmie mountain alight with a faint alpenglow.  Although overused and busy, an afternoon start to the lake was great to avoid most of the crowds.  The cloudy weather probably also helped with decreased crowds but did not detract from the beauty of the lake and area.–2

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