French Cabin Creek 10-15-2020

French Tongue…

Took a trip up to French Cabin Basin area to the saddle between French Tongue and French Chin to scout out the area for future outing.  There was about an inch of snow on the ground about halfway up the saddle and in the Kachess Ridge Trail.  Nothing requiring any traction.  Took FS 4824-115.  Road is rough but passable.  Camping hunters are in the area.  Beautiful fall foliage abounds. This area was one of my favorite new places to explore this past fall and holds several hikes and scrambles to hit – the southern area near exit 70 off I-90 near Easton looks to have some good snowshoeing, and I’ll hit the French Cabin peaks this summer and fall, and will be sure to climb both French Tongue and French Chin.

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