Mount Washington 06-01-2018

Mark & Joe Chillin on the Summit…

Took the main trail to the summit, vs. the Great Wall Trail via Change Peak.  This is one of my favorite hikes.  Similar to Si in distance and gain, minus the crowds.  The trail is great, ascending through the forest, passing rock cliffs where climbers practice and water sometimes pours from cracks in the rock like a fountain.  I always like stopping at what I call the spigot to cool off on the way up and down, on the way up to Owl Spot.  The trail continues to transition from the forest, up steeper slopes, opening in the foliage, finally crossing an old road, at the junction to the trail towards the final summit.  Views are great when there are no clouds.  Clouds were out, visibility limited, but Chester Morse lake is always great to see.

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