Mailbox Peak 08-30-2020

Closing in on the end of WTA Hike A Thon 2020 I wanted to get in some last miles and vertical. Had a late start so chose Mailbox Peak. Arrived to an open lot with many spaces which was shocking, especially my start at the old TH at 2PM. This was my 7th summit. Said I would not do it again, but I want to to the MBP, DBP, DHP traverse, or at lease summit Dirty Box Peak, and my youngest son Rhone has not yet suffered this experience up the old trail, so a few more future climbs for me.

Alas with the late start, solo (don’t like scrambling solo), and tired from other hikes, it took me a while to get up the old trail. I don’t miss this route 🙂 . I encountered a couple of folks near the junction with the new trail who were a bit disoriented, tired, and ill-prepared – most of the 10 essentials were lacking – please always bring them! I helped them up to the junction and set them down the new trail, as the old was not for them today.

The summit was not crowded. There was more foliage near the very summit than I recalled from past years, maybe due to a later season climb for me. I took the new route down as I did not want the knee pounding today. It was getting dark on the way down – glad I did not attempt DBP, and found the route (my 2nd time down) interesting. The mountain is very different on this face vs, the old ridge route. More remnants of fires from the past, large 2nd growth roots, and felled trees, and a few areas where springtime water must flow down – the old route has no water sources. All in all, a great trip up, and pondering how many additional times I will need to make this climb. Cheers. #thehad.

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