Earl Peak Attempt 10-10-2020

Fall foliage…

The road in to Beverly Turnpike TH is in good shape – only two potholes needing some care – I say this as I popped my tire on the way out and had to change it once I got to the paved road on the way out – I had no cell service and was fortunate to have a passerby assist me position the jack on dirt, needing a shovel and ice axe to place it properly.  Give attention to the fact that there may be no cell services at this and other trailheads.  Worst case I had a Garmin InReach, but flagging down other drivers would have been my only other option.  I was fortunate for the kindness of folks who lived nearby.

It was a rainy day which changed to snow flurries with the increase in altitude.  Wildflowers are dead and streams are flowing.  Beautiful fall foliage was in abundance.  As I neared the pass to the cutoff to Earl’s Peak, the peaks and ridge were obfuscated with storm and snow clouds, and the wind began gusting fiercely, so much so that at about 6400 feet I was nearly knocked over several times, and decided to bail on the summit attempt and subsequent planned ridge walk to Bean and Mary’s Peak.  It was not clear that the weather would improve, nor wind gusts abate.  This hike deserves better weather for the views I expect.  I could deal with the rain and flurries and dropping temps, however the wind was a bit much today.

Storm blowing in….
Getting windy…
Waiting to see if it blows over….
oh hell no… I’m going down!


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