Camp Schurman 07-30-2019

Steamboat Prow and Camp Schurman Hut….

Hike to camp Schurman via the Inter Glacier from Glacier Basin Camp.  The trial from camp follows the river and begins to follow the ridgeline to the moraine field and eventually the snowfields and tongue of the Inter Glacier.  The path upwards is carpeted with wildflowers, so I suggest any day hikers make the effort to ascent to 7000+ feet, past the subalpine areas to take int he views of the wildflowers, and adjacent peaks before Steamboat Prow and eventually Mount Rainier reveal themselves.  The Burroughs Mountains will guard your way to the right, while Mount Ruth looks on from the left – both acting like sentinels before Steamboat Prow comes into view.  The Inter Glacier is heavily suncupped and has an outstanding glissade chute, well worth the climb for those who plan to visit Camp Schurman and beyond.–49

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