Kendall Peak & Kendall Katwalk 06-30-2019

Kendall Katwalk looking towards Mount Thompson….

Hiked to Kendall Katwalk and Kendall Peak today with Rhone. Both first time trips to Katwalk and this section of the PCT. Took the Commonwealth tail up and back. Beyond the initial flat gravel lines trail the trail climbs up roots and rocks for about 500 feet of gain. I found this on the way down to be the steepest section of the trail except for the Kendall Peak summit boot path.  The trail is snow free to the Katwalk, except for two small, easily navigable snow patches.  The PCT is an absolutely beautiful trail, especially above 5000 feet when it clears the trees and opens to a large talus field. The views are stunning. Guye Snoqualmie and Red are almost touchable. Distant peaks like Snow Mountain, Stuart delight as do Thompson, Alta, and all the others.  

The path to the summit of Kendall Peak is similar to the steep section of Bandera. Rocky and loose dirt. It levels out towards the top as you head East to the summit.  Spectacular views abound. Lots of wildflowers are blooming. Get out there!–610

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