Annette Lake 08-04-2018

Emerald Green Waters…

The trail is in excellent condition.  As advertised, it crosses humpback creek/falls across a beautiful log bridge.  The trail winds its way up a gentle grade through two powerline right of ways and crosses the former John Wayne Pioneer/Iron Horse trail, now called the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail.  Now the gain begins, as the trail ascends, and has 4-5 switchbacks to gain most the altitude of this hike.  Past the switchbacks, the trail generally levels, with openings to the west of Humpback mountain.  You will cross three talus/scree fields and finally enter a gentle forest trail to the lake.  Bugs were not too bad today.  Some flies, no mosquitos.  We generously applied Jungle Juice.  If you stop moving, the flies will find you.  The lake is a beautiful emerald green and very shallow.  The far side appears deeper, worthy of exploration on a subsequent visit.  Great views of Silver and Abiel Peaks looming over the lake.  I look forward to the view of the lake from these peaks.  

Later in the year I summitted Silver, Abiel, and Tinkham Peaks in a single outing.

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