Dirty Harry’s Peak 05-24-2018

Headed up the wrong way up the abandoned and reclaimed old trail…

Hiked Dirty Harry’s Peak up the old logging road/original trail (Dirty Harry’s Balcony Trail on some maps). DO NOT DO THIS!. – it’s completely covered in downed trees, logs, rocks, boulders, berms and difficult and time-consuming to traverse, plus I believe it is supposed to be “closed”. – Take the Bird House Trail Up – immediate right after the bridge over the river. It’s a good trail, unlike the old logging road, and merges into the trail near Dirty Harrys Balcony. We merged on the new trail at about 2500 feet on the way up – the rest of the trail is much better – minimal snow on top – no need for micro spikes. Bugs were minimal. I’d give it a 5 star taking the Bird House Trail up and back. A good mix of Tenerife and Mailbox like trails.

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