Mount Washington 07-08-2017

Rare Lenticular Cloud…

This was a lop hike, up the Washington trail, taking the Great Wall Route to the summit, and back down the main route.  Appears some work on the road grade path between the main trail and Great Wall route as up the final Great Wall route, the trail had been dug and tore up and we had to scamper across a lot of old trees and other debris.  I love the Great Wall route as it follows the upper reaches of the mountain, connecting to the Change Creek old logging road which is a nice elevated highway with great views to the east of McClellan and the I90 corridor – Mailbox, Dirtbox, Dirty Harrys. Web, PPP and Defiance are all in view.  Wildflowers were blooming and for the first time, I saw a lenticular cloud in the wild.  They do look like flying saucers.  A great day out with the family.–152

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