Snoqualmie Mountain 05-27-2019

View towards Lunden Peak….

Day trip with the Mountaineers.  The trail up to the junction for Guye peak is now completely snow-free.  The stream bed is also mostly dry and the trilliums are blooming!  Continuing up and to the left, the stream crossing is easy and the water is flowing beautifully.  The trail continues up the steep tree gully and some intermittent snow persists.  Once you clear the forest and gain the subalpine terrain, there are snow patches to cross.  We used ice axes to assist with the ascent and aid potential falls.  Snow is at the summit.  The day was cloud free in the early AM, but afternoon clouds began to blow in.  Perfect 360-degree views everywhere!  Most of the Home Court 100 was visible as well as the Alpine Lakes area.  Amazing to see Snow Lake, frozen and still covered in snow.–168

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