South, Middle, and East Tiger Mountains 08-29-2020

Blair Witch Esque….

Planned a loop route to summit the 7 peaks of East, Middle, and South Tiger Mountain, the remaining peaks on Tiger Mountain as part of the Issaquah Alps 24 list I needed to bag.  This part of Tiger Mountain is designed for Mountain Bikes and has a wonderful network of graded trails like ski runs green, blue, black, etc.  Beyond the first mile or so from the TH, most of the trails are a mix of gravel access and former logging roads.  Much of South Tiger was logged recently and the land looks terrible, the route to Middle Tiger has areas slated for cutting. 

Honestly, I would not recommend hiking much of this area unless you want to bag the peaks.  The route down East Tiger has some nice areas, but other than that is a mix of trails through the clear-cut, restored forest, and gravel roads.  I only saw people as I descended down East Tiger and the rest of the mountains and trails were deserted.  Middle Tiger had a nice trail up – lots of interesting moss on the trees and some wood and rock structures that spooked me out as I was alone – a little Blair Witchesque for my preference.  With the exception of a small stream a couple of miles into the route to South Tiger, there were no viable water sources, so bring plenty to drink if you plan to do some miles.

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