Mailbox Peak Old Trail 06-23-2018

rrived at the parking lot to see that they removed many parking spaces to allow for a shuttle service from the Twin Falls Middle School at the start of the SE Middle Fork road.  We tried to park towards the Granite Lakes TH but a Ranger quickly followed us and informed us we would be towed.  So beware and if there are no spots at the TH – park at the school to avoid a tow. 

The new trail has significantly increased access to a trail which was once considered a badge of honor to climb, and only those worthy of the effort enjoyed the summit – no more.  So, of course, we hiked the old trail, what else would one do?  Generally overcast.  Foggy and misty this day.  The old trail is the old trail.  Lots of roots, some steep rocks, always wet – been on this one 5+ times and have never seen it dry through the upper third of the forested path.  Sadly there were no views and will need to hike again another day for the reward.

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