Grand Paradiso – Italy September 11, 2003

The Grand Paradisio…

The Gran Paradiso is the only mountain entirely within the boundaries of Italy that is over 4,000 metres (13,123 ft) high. This was a solo trip with Richard Mansfield. I did not end up summiting, probably tired from the lack of sleep in the hut where 20-40 strangers sleep in cramped quarters, snoring, farting, and yelling out all night for God knows why reasons ?!? Regardless, it was beautiful and I am inspired to go back someday and share the summit and experience with someone….As I am writing up these trip reports and reviewing these dates, I remembered I brought my oldest son Carter Wolfe with me to Chamonix. He was 18 months old. His first of several trips with me to Chamonix and France where the poor boy was too young to remember. Oh well, an excuse to bring him back I suppose.

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