Cowlitz Rocks on Mount Rainier 06-15-2019

Cowlitz Rocks with Goat Mountains in the Distance….

Scramble up to Cowlitz Rocks via the Paradise Glacier Trail on Mount Rainier with the Mountaineers.  Started at Paradise and took the lower part of Skyline trail to where it intersects the Mazama Ridge trail and then took the Paradise Glacier trail north and then north to Cowlitz Rocks.  Sad that the Paradise Glacier is no longer there, but took the trail and path that would have led one there and continued up to Cowlitz Rocks.  I visited the Ice Caves at the Paradise Glacier while I was in college and was excited about 10 years ago to take Carter and Rhone to see them, only to find they melted away!

We were the only party on the trail hiking.  Two skiers who descended from Camp Muir joined us on the walk down.  Amazing day for a hike on Rainier.  Perfect weather.  The route is snow-covered once you cross the Myrtle Falls Viewpoint.  Glacier lilies were blooming and a few Marmots were frolicking.–2

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