Humpback Mountain 06-23-2020

Mossy Granite…

I decided to do an afternoon conditioner hike up Humpback.  The temps were warm and the humidity index high.  Started at the lower trail, ascending through the younger forest, below the upper logging road intersection.  Returned back via the upper road to avoid the final downhill section as the heat and humidity made for a slow slog up.  This is one of my favorite trails and was fortunate to share with my youngest son Rhone the Rhino.  Midway through the hike, the forest opens up with large and tall fir trees creating a canopy for much younger and shorter fir trees – creating a bonsai-like garden effect.  Towards the final quarter of the trail, talus and large holders begin to surface, creating a fun path with twisted roots, rocks, and varying boulders for scrambling.  This is a super fun hike towards the top with amazing 360-degree views and a great workout without too much distance.

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