Melakwa Lake 09-07-2019

Melakwa Lake looking towards Melakwa Pass…

Hike to Melakwa Lake en route to Kaleetan Peak.  7am start.  The trailhead at Denny Creek is closed and gates due to a lack of budget to remove fallen trees.  We saw nothing preventing TH access.  Plenty of parking just outside the gate along the road.  Did not need to go to Franklin Falls TH.  

Denny slabs were nearly dry.  Trail crews have been busy working the stretch along Keekwulee falls.  Lots of brush cutting and rockwork to create a better path with some semblance of steps.  I forgot how rocky this trail is in general, and the new work along the talus field seems to have added more rock.  Keekwulee and Snowshoe falls were flowing and added a nice soundtrack to the ambiance of the morning.

The lake was a beautiful blue and serene as always.  There was one person fly fishing, I wonder if this lake was ever stocked.

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