Poo Poo Point, High School Trail 08-04-2020

Glenn and I getting our afternoon sweat the shirt workout on!

Glenn Curtis and I took a quick trip after work hike to Poo Poo Point via the High School Trailhead. Normally I would poo poo Poo Poo Point as its on Tiger Mountain and a high trafficked trail I assumed is used mostly by Issaquah High School students for training, however, I discovered the Issaquah Alps Peak Challenge – 24 summits spread among Cougar, Squak, and Tiger Mountains, and this is on the list. 

The route, once past the utility right of way is actually a beautiful trail, up through the forest and ridge with lush sword ferns, devil’s glove, salmonberries, and the typical flora of the area.  On the upper reaches of the ridge, the trees thin our providing beautiful views through the area. 

The view from PPP is amazing and it was so cool to see so many hang gliders out today.  Highly recommend this route for a good shortish hike with decent gain and great scenery.  I was surprised to see how much water was flowing through Gap Creek as we crossed the bridge.  I am curious as to the source of the water in this part of summer.  This hike exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend it.


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