Mount Teneriffe Kamikaze Summit Sunset 04-22-2021

Great hike tonight up to Mount Teneriffe via the Kamikaze Route – one of my favorite, hard hikes up an awesome, spiny, rocky ridge. Tonight the falls were falling. The last time I was up here was in August and they were bone dry – they are beautiful and fall a couple of hundred feet down the cliff face of the mountain. Once you pass the falls, the trail climbs up a steep, rooty “path” to a rocky ridge, then continues to climb up steeply, alternating and undulating from rocky ridge to steep forest, and finally clears out and pops you out on the final push to the summit block. Amazing 360 degree views – you can see Seattle and Puget Sound in the distance – a novelty from which I never tire and is a payoff worth the sweat to get to the summit. Today was my first summit with significant snow – I avoided getting too close to the corniced edge as it appears it may just drop off and who knows what lies beneath. Views to the North are of the Campbell Forrest – private land to which I have a permit and key this season, and plan to explore in my 2001 4Runner – alpine lakes for fishing, and remote, hard to access Home Court 100 peaks. Plenty of things to explore in the North Fork area this season! Good views to the East of the ridge with Green Mountain, Bootyliciuos Peak, Moolock Mountain which I recently summited and Bessamer Mountain.

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