Delicate Arch II 06-12-2021

View of an arch from within an arch

I loved the Delicate Arch so much I made a repeat trip. Its about 1.5 miles to the arch and I wanted to make it there in less than 30 minutes. All uphill and over 100 degrees! I made it in 31:30 – I should have ran faster, but I gave it all I had. This time to the arch I dropped into the bowl just below the arch and in the background of the photo above, then smeared my way up the steep sandstone to a small arch overlooking Delicate Arch – I discovered that there is a much easier access from the main trail, but it was fun to circumnavigate the bowl and explore the area a bit more.

Trail to the arch
The bowl
Arch from where I took the other photos
You can see the steepness of the bowl on the left side – good thing the sandstone is sticky!
Yup – Steep!
The small arch from Delicate Arch – my objective!
Where the trail drops to the bowl and arch
Approaching the photo location above

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