Bryce Canyon Fairylandloop Trail 06-08-2021

Bryce Canyon’s Fairylandloop trail is like a magic land on another planet. These incredible rock formations are called hoodoos. So what is a hoodoo? A spire of rock that has an easily eroded column and a more resistant cap. Sometimes they look like mushrooms. They are kind of eerie, so they’re called “hoodoos” and also have other names, from “fairy chimneys” to “goblins.” The National Park Service did a fantastic job in my opinion of creating a trail that winds and meanders through this section of the canyon affording hikers with amazing views of these mystical rock formations. I love how the trail can be viewed far ahead, and also the views when you look back on the path you’ve just covered and can see the winding path snake among the many hoodoo formations. This loop is about 8 miles in length and was perfect even on a hot day. I can only imagine how this area looks with some interesting cloud formations and look forward to exploring it in winter with snow coverage.

Ho-Made Pies!

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