Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop 06-09-2021

Canyon Rim – #thehad with Carl and Carter…

We connected the Navajo Loop trail with the Peek A Boo Loop trail which is commonly known as the Figure 8 loop to experience the southern part of the canyon. The trail descends steeply into a narrow slot canyon called Wall Street. Fortunately, we descended as it was rather steep. This is an amazing geological trail to hike into and you can see the grade from the many people switchbacking up and down the trail. There is a lone Douglass Fir tree at the base of Wall Street growing precariously in a very tight canyon space and is famously photographed. It was awesome to finally visit this part and see these amazing and magical natural formations in person and be able to hike so close and navigate near, next, and between them all. Carl and I hiked the full Figure 8 loop and ascended to see Thor’s Hammer as our finale on the final ascent.

Expansive view
Descending into Wall Street, #thehad, Carl and Carter
Thor’s Hammer!

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