Little Annapurna 08-29-2021

Summit Block of Little Annapurna – Looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

While hiking the Enchantments Through Hike with old high school pal Shannon McMillan, I wanted to bag a bulger or two. We met up with three students from Ohio State University Medical school who were camping at Stuart Lake as we were on the final several hundred feet to Asgard Pass and asked if they wanted to join us on the through hike. As we crested Asgard Pass, I saw that Dragontail still had a steep patch of snow on the scramble route, and alas I did not bring an ice axe on this trip.

View of Dragontail in the center and the lingering steep snowfield.

We pushed on from Aasgard Pass and began to descend the upper Core Zone. We had a lunch break and filtered water at Tranquil Lake and Abby, Molly, and McKenzie agree to join Shannon and me on the through hike. This was fortuitous as it allowed me to go for a summit bid up Little Annapurna. Last year on my solo through-hike I lacked the time and energy to bag Little Annapurna, so I was quite happy to have the time to ascend the peak this trip. I parted with the ladies at the Snow Creek camping spot, planning to later rejoin with them at Lake Viviane, as the path down from the lake was a bit more challenging, and I have the scrambling skills and experience of the trail down from my through-hike last year to make the descent a bit more safe and enjoyable.

View of McClellan Peak from a tarn.

Views of Upper Core Zone Lakes – I love the hues of the blue waters.

Lake Reginleif
View of Little Annapurna and West Annapurna from Isolation Lake.
Love the reflections in the alpine lakes.
View of Witches Tower and Dragontail from a tarn. I love the crystal clear waters.
Panorama of Little Annapurna – almost an anagram.
Clouds above the Core
Super great slabs and rock from which to hop about.
Pano of Prusik Peak, McClellan Peak and Isolation Lake
Upper Core Zone with a view of Prusik Peak and McClellan Peaks. I always love this expansive view of these peak groups miles apart – so far yet so close.
Brisingamen Lakelets
Prusik Peak
Slabs around Isolation Lake with Little Annapurna in the distance.
Snow Creek Campground

It was about here where we parted ways and I made my bid to summit Little Annapurna.

My destination awaits – Little Annapurna – it’s longer, higher, and harder than it appears…maybe not so little afterall…

The path to the summit of Little Annapurna is a moderately steep, boot path well marked by cairns. Nothing technical and no scramble moves, unless you go off the path to find your own adventure.

Great view of Sloan Peak in the center with Mount Pugh and White Chuck off to the right and the Monte Cristo Group off to the left, and Gothic Peak and Del Campo to the far left.
Prusik Peak spanning to McClellan Peak with Crystal Lake, Perfection Lake, Leprechaun, Lake Viviane, and Snow Lake in the far distance. I find this helps one appreciate the massive scale of the Enchantments.
Approaching the broad summit plateau.
Looking back at Aasgard Pass, with Glacier Peak in the far center distance, Dragontal to the left, and Cannon Mountain to the right.
Pathways to the massive summit plateau and amazing rock formations.
Gateway to the Teanaway…
Truly one of the coolest summits I have visited – otherworldly.
My 8th Bulger in the Books. Where is Michael DuBois? Thought I saw you on McClellan Peak! Next time bro!

Some final summit shots below as I made my descent

What an amazing summit – views of the Enchantments and the entire Teanaway. It was time for me to make my way down and rejoin my friends at Lake Viviane.

Parting shots of Little Annapurna from Perfection Lake

As always, thanks for reading and #hikingwithhadland.

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