Cable Line West Tiger 3 06-17-2023

Can’t believe I got Carter to hike with me again. His first (and maybe last) time up the Cable Line.

Working on getting fit for Fuji-san and other climbs, I decided that due to a late start induced by Kleon and Hanane visiting me late in the evening, the Cable Line would be good. It’s close to home and is a good conditioner. Kleon would sweat as payback for keeping me up too late! Carter had never been up this one and also Hanane was joining, her first hike with TheHad. Glenn, now a regular in the mountains with me, was also able to join. Plus, I could like up a few other trails in my quest to hike every trail in the Issaquah Alps, including Tiger Mountain – some sections of the Section Line, West Tiger RR Grade, Tiger Mountain Trail, K-3, and the High Point Trail.

Making Progress on My Quest
All smiles at the start.

About 10 minutes in, my calves were burning from Bearscout, and I was sweating like crazy. Still not in mountain shape, I knew this would kick my ass today. I took twice my personal best today – lots of work to do. Carter took off like a mountain goat. I was now not worried about his fitness for Fuji-san. Now worried about mine 🤣. Kleon was sweating AND swearing 😂!

Oh Kleon!

Up the steep, muddy initial section – this is the worst part of the hike, but at least it’s over with in short order. Glenn and I are getting our sweat on!

More up!

Cable Line Left, trail Right.

Summit! I can’t stop laughing at Carter’s expression – he informed me that he was happy and smiling – just cold as it was windy and chilly at the top, and he was waiting for over 20 minutes. We opted not to rest and head down as it was cold. We made our way down the Section Line to the RR Grade trail and onto a new section to color in more of my map.

Section Line.

Railroad Grade and the Tiger Mountain Trail.

Murat’s Bridge

History of the bridge and Murat its namesake.

Lots of signage on the trails.–148

Hike flythrough.

As always, thanks for HikingWithHadland @hikingwiththehad

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