Mount Maude 09-14-2023

Cover Photo: Mount Maude Looming

View of 7FJ en route to Freezer Pass.

With a decent night’s rest, Kleon and I woke earlier today to begin our climb for Mount Maude. We hit the trail at about 8:45 with another excellent weather day ahead. We again took the same route to 7FJ, but this time, we continued past the cutoff and made our way to the saddle, connecting with the Carne High Traverse. This trail was quite beautiful, with fall colors in full display, and we crossed several washouts resembling old moraines.

7FJ and North Maude as viewed from a boulder field.
Significant rockfall along this route. Some of the rocks are larger than a house.
Cruising up the washout.
Warmed up and ready to move!
The super cool trail up to the saddle.
We are nearing the saddle.
Amazing old trees sprouting from the rock.
At the saddle to Carne High Traverse, we got a good view of North Maude to the left and the very large and long massive comprising Mount Maude.

With a short break at the saddle, we began our traverse to Freezer Pass. The trail skirted the rocky block of Mount Maude’s steep ridge.

Kleon leading the way. The actual summit of Maud is to the left, behind the highest point visible in this photo.

The views expanded across the valley of Phelps Creek as we ascended.

Looking up from the trail to Freezer Pass.
Traversing towards Freezer Pass.
Kleon enjoying the view.
At the base of the Maude Block.
Death-defying terrain. Class 6+ at least 🤣

We crested Freezer pass and met Glen and Gerhardt as they descended from Maude. They got an early start and were much faster than us. At Freezer Pass, we could finally see Ice Lake. We were above the tree line, and this side of the pass was rather desolate.

Ice Lake – I wonder why they named it so?
Our first view of the route up Maude.
Freezer Pass selfie.
North and South Spectacle Butte – SSB is another Bulger to be climbed one day.
Ascending Maude.
Amazing pano of the Maude Ridge!
Lone patch of snow.
Left to right: Chilly Peak, Icebox Peak, Freezer Peak, and the dip is Freezer Pass. The rocks on the right are the high points from earlier photos making our way to Freezer Pass with the rockfall below.
Large plateau at 8000 feet. Many distance peaks are becoming visible, and we have about 1000 feet remaining to the summit.
The long final stretch to the summit.
Glacier Peak is in the distance.
Pugh and Whitechuck are the points in the distance. Hopefully, I will climb these the following week.

More views – you can make out Kleon below as he progresses his way up to meet me. This gives you a perspective of how big the ramp-up to the summit actually is.

Kleon is barely discernable in this photo.

Rugged terrain to the summit.
Mount Maude – 9016 Feet – my 11th Bulger.
Mount Maude Summit 360
7FJ and Fernow. We were on 7FJ the day prior.
Summit bros.
Representing the HWH brand!
Summit selfie with peaks I have climbed behind me.
Looking back at our ascent.
Distant future objectives.
And now we descend.
Ice Lake – sadly, we lacked time for a swim as we needed to break camp and head down to the car.
Navigating loose dirt.
Descending and looking cool.
Making our way back up Freezer Pass.
Cool rocks.
Final push to Freezer Pass.
Last view of Mount Maude.
View down the other side of Freezer Pass.
Rocky slopes down to the saddle.
View of the upper slope of the lower Maude ridge
All the rockfall that the wall throws down. The slope was about 45 degrees here and very unstable – with each step, we kicked down a lot of rock.
Near the end of the unstable rock and close to more solid footing.
High alpine meadows and the silhouette of Glacier Peak.
Last look at Freezer Pass.

There were more fall colors as we encountered more sub-alpine terrain on the descent to camp. Kleon decided that he should run ahead as I was too slow so he could break down camp and speed our descent. I reluctantly agreed as I was unsure of his navigation skills. As luck would have it, he took a wrong turn, descended about 300 feet down a wrong trail, and had to bushwhack up a gully to reconnect with me and find the trail. I found another gear and surged ahead, making good time to camp, knowing Kleon was on the right trail. After breaking down most of the camp, I heard a female voice calling my name. A young woman named Amanda was coming down from the Carne High Traverse, and her dog found Kleon. She said he was right behind her and not to worry that he was lost. Kleon said he felt like an Angel found him – it was her dog licking his hand as it ran by 😂.

Maude’s North Tower.

We broke camp just as it was getting dark. We made our way down with full packs to Phelps Creek – down the steep, loose dirt trail and made good time to the car over the final three miles. Another alpine finish!

Fortunately, we had drinks and salty Tim’s Cascade chips waiting for us. Upon arrival to the car, we discovered mice had found our snacks and eaten our chips – terrible! We were starving as we planned only one night out, but we extended the trip to two as we were slow, tired, and had bad weather the first night. Sadly, we got to the car just before midnight and had to drive to Monroe to find an open 24-hour Jack in the Box drive-through – a spicey chicken sandwich never tasted so good!

As always, thanks for #HikingWithHadland, @hikingwiththehad.

7FJ and Maude 3d Flythrough

As always, thanks for #HikingWithHadland, @hikingwiththehad.

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